Types of Security Alarm Systems

As with anything, there are different types of alarm systems that you can choose from for your home or your business. You have the choice between hardwired or having a wireless system installed. You also must decide what will fit your budget. You could end up spending a lot of money on securing your home when it really isn’t necessary. You want to have protection but no need for “overkill”.

The best thing you can do is look around your premise and take note of how many windows and doors you have. This is what you want protected. If  there are many, you don’t need to get them all individually covered. You may be able to cover multiple areas with glass break  detectors or motion detectors. For instance, if you have a  lot of windows in the front of your home, you may get what they call a  glass break detector or an audio detector. What that does is detect the sound of breaking glass.  One audio detector could usually cover a certain range. That way you would not need to have a sensor on every window.


Another option is motion detectors. Motion detectors have gotten a bad rap in the past for “false alarms” but with the new technology out, they are better than ever. They have also been updated and can be adjusted for pets and other factors. Motion detectors are great and should be given a chance if you are serious about securing your home.

You must also decide if you want to have a siren or not. When a zone is activated, your keypad will emit a tone but it really is not that loud. If you want a loud siren, one can be installed. Keep in mind though, some cities do not allow sirens to ring over a certain amount of time and may require a cut off time. Personally, I think it is a great idea to have your alarm programmed for the siren to stop ringing after so many minutes. If someone is in your home, they will keep violating zones therefore your siren will keep ringing each time a zone is violated. If it is a false alarm and a zone trips once, it will ring for only those few minutes that it is programmed for and that is it.


Why is that such a good thing? For one, you will spare making enemies with your neighbors! Also, the police department will be happier too. They wont have your neighbors calling in complaining all night that your siren is driving them nuts and you are out of town! Another thing about sirens is, if someone does break into your home, once they hear that siren-they are either going to bolt or grab what they can and get out very fast. They will not be sticking around with that thing blasting!

Now that you know a little of what to look for, now is the time to start shopping around for your alarm. Call around, get free estimates. You are now armed with a little bit of knowledge so when the salesperson or technicians comes out-you know what they are talking about.