Keep Your Family Video Streaming Service Safe


I’m a father of 4 children.  The last thing I want is my children to see something they don’t need.

That is why I am on the board of several active video filtering boards to help Americans continue the right of choosing what you and the family sees.  It all started back in 2005 when Congress passed the Fair viewing act (source: to allow American’s the right to choose what they see and hear inside their household.

Several companies have come and gone in the years trying to provide this service and often get shut down by Hollywood.  VidAngel who has been around for years found a way to bring this service back into the homes of millions via a buy and sellback system.  (source:  By doing this, as long as you sell back your video after viewing it, you can do it for affordable prices and choose what you see and listen to during the film or TV show.  They have changed their process over the years to make it more ‘legal’ but their are still hiccups they are going to have to deal with in order to make it possible to fully edit movies.

I for one am behind this movement and encourage everyone to take act and encourage congress to stand behind the act they passed years ago to provide future generations the choice of what comes out of their TV.  It will be an interesting court case that Hollywood takes against Vidangel in the months to come.

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